Friday, May 23, 2008

Five on Friday

yoinked from the May 2nd Five on Friday, since this is the newest one on their site:

1. What types of board games do you like to play, if any?
Usually I'll play Monopoly, Pictionary, Sorry!, and The Game of Life. Just played Apples to Apples last Saturday, which was a lot of fun. I'd play that again in a heartbeat. Oh, and Cranium... because it has a bunch of games in one. And Trivial Pursuit, any version.

2. How often do you play board games?
Not very often... more likely to play them as drinking games.

3. What is your absolutely favorite game?
Probably Trivial Pursuit, since I've been playing that the longest. I started on the regular adult Trivial Pursuit when I was five or so.

4. Describe your Monopoly strategy.
I have none... I'm really terrible at it. I just buy and buy and buy until I have no money left. I'm pathetic.

5. Do you feel that board games are becoming obsolete with the rise in computer and video gaming?
I feel like video gaming is more of an isolated thing. You kind of do it on your own. Board games bring people together more, so yes, they're not as popular, but I don't think they'll die out entirely.

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