Tuesday, May 27, 2008

10 Favorite Time Wasters

I like last week's Ten on Tuesday better, but was too late in seeing it. Here's this week: my time wasters.

1) The Internet. So broad a time waster that most of the items on this list will be internet-related.
2) Facebook, and every application that runs under facebook... I could spend HOURS on it.
3) Reading blogs, mostly Grammarphobia.
4) Pogo games. I blame Dave for this new obsession... I love games like Word Whomp and Word Riot. Damn him.
5) Reading magazines with a red pen in hand. Yes, I know, I get paid to copyedit, so why do it for free? One: I stay sharp, and two: I'm surprised how many typos and inconsistencies get through to press. If I find something while I'm reading, I want that red pen by my side to mark it, even if it's only me that sees it.
6) Watching the map on Bookcrossing.com. It makes me jealous when I see books in Australia being caught, and they're not mine. The further one of mine went is Maine. Drat.
7) I Love the 80s marathons... damn VH1 for exploiting my childhood nostalgia.
8) Surfing Sephora for makeup tips, current trends, and limited edition makeup. It is the Mecca for any makeup nut.
9) Playing America's Psychic Challenge on Lifetime.com.
10) Making music playlists. I have a small journal specifically for themed playlists, such as "Love Sucks Vol. II", "Witchy Mix", and "Workout Mix". I am a music freak.

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