Thursday, December 31, 2009

At 5am, tv becomes a mental wasteland

If I watch one more informercial, I'll scream. You know things are low when you watch the Girls Gone Wild informercial and try to calculate the total gross IQ of all the girls featured. Ain't pretty.

The only product that I know that is still advertised in an informercial style that I know works is Bare Minerals, because I bought it through Sephora. Bare Minerals pretty effectively turned me into the makeup junkie that I am today.

The reason that I'm up is that I fell asleep on the couch again soon after arriving home from Bryant Park. Mum and I went to lunch at Celsius, watched the ice skaters, basked under the heat lamp at our table outside, and then walked around and browsed at the kiosks there. We took a brisk walk over to the tree at Rockefeller Center (even after I warned her that it would be very busy there), stayed for five minutes (at most) because indeed, it was crowded there, and then walked back to Grand Central to catch the train home.

When we got home, I promptly fell asleep on the couch (around 7:30) and woke up at 2:30am... it's now nearly 6am. Will I fall back asleep again? Probably not, since I got a full night's sleep already. I've got my macbook on my lap in bed, and will shortly shut it off to try to sleep. If it happens great. If it doesn't, so be it. The last day of 2009 might be off to an early start!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

artsy people...

...should not be allowed to get away with being flaky. ESPECIALLY if their art is also their business.

I'm surfing the Internet the other day, reminding myself of all the goodies I helped Jackie to order for the store. And then I am reminded of all the goodies that I LOVED that we never received because the artist flaked on us. It is especially annoying when I am helping to buy stuff both for the store and for myself.

For example, I adored these Earthgirl bags, but we never received them. We even e-mailed the company to follow up with them, but they never responded.

Bah humbug. There goes my Yule gift I was going to give to myself. Maybe it's just a sign that I really didn't need another bag in the first place.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Working hard, or hardly working? Isn't it funny that some days you work your ass off, only to turn around and look back at the day and feel that you've accomplished nothing? Yeah, I'm feeling that kind of frustration right now, and my NaNoWriMo novel didn't survive that kind of work pressure. At the very least I might revisit what I accomplished with it (which is 20,000 words thus far). To more exciting news:

I attended this tarot workshop this past Saturday, and it was awesome. I'm sure I will blog about it more on my tarot blog at a later date. I seem to always be refilling my tarot business cards whenever I'm at Whimsies, so I'm taking that as a sign that there are more people out there interested in my readings than I originally thought. I'm just putting that positive vibe out there, and seeing what comes back from it. I wore my pentacle again for the workshop on Saturday, and it just felt right putting it on, and leaving it on. I'm not fighting that kind of feeling. I'm just meant to wear it again. I'm going to take it as a sign that I need to be reminded of my spirituality more at this time. And that's okay with me.