Thursday, September 16, 2010

unfounded fears of a tarot reader, strangeness, and other stuff

The Tarot of the Boroughs launch party went fabulously well, and though I only got to do short readings for four people, the night was most certainly not wasted! And my boyfriend bought the Tarot of the Boroughs deck, so I was both proud and pleased.

It always amuses me the types of people that are attracted to readers of any kind. There really are some weirdos out there, and I certainly wasn't spared from that at the launch party, because one of them sat at my table. He was a very strange guy that gave off that "not quite there" vibe. But, since he sat at my table, I had to read for him. I think the reading went fine and I was accurate, but I wouldn't know since I never remember what I say to people during readings; the info's for them and not for me, that's why I don't retain it. Dave (my boyfriend) told me later on that the strange guy had spoken to him earlier, asking him the reason why he had attended the event, and Dave had pointed over to me at my table and said, "My girlfriend's doing readings." So, in a way, I sort of had a bouncer for the event. But sure enough, as soon as Dave wasn't in the room, said strange guy (who had been hovering around my table) went ahead and sat down.

I suppose there's various levels of weirdness. I consider myself a little strange, as well as most of the people I get along with. A little weird is a good thing, I feel. And then there are the people that give off that strange vibe that have what I like to call "crazy eye". You've seen it before, I'm sure. Try looking for it the next time you see a mugshot of a cult leader or something like that. I swear that this guy I read for had it. I would have preferred walking over hot coals than read for him. I felt my spirit pulling back away from the table, and just wanted to crawl into a small part of myself and stay there. So I read for him, and I remember him nodding, and leaning in to hear what I had to say, but leaning in toward me too much. Very uncomfortable!

Other than that, it was a great event and I had a good time.

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