Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Confessions of a Nervous Tarot Reader

I figured it's more appropriate to post this on my personal blog more so than my tarot blog. Tarot blog = trying to give off the appearance of a "professional". Personal blog = somehow okay to admit that sometimes I'm scared shitless of giving strangers readings.

I will be doing my tarot thing at the Tarot of the Boroughs launch party tomorrow from 8-9:30pm at the Bowery Poetry Club. For more information, go to my tarot blog (

And now for the whining, "I suck" portion of my post. I am very nervous about reading at this event, because I will be reading with the deck Tarot of the Boroughs, which I just received on Monday. I will be bringing my default deck (The Llewellyn Tarot) with me as a backup. However, since this is the launch party for TOB, the emphasis is on the new deck. My thoughts run as follows: "I'm nervous; what if I'm not accurate?; I shouldn't be using my default deck as a crutch; etc."

No more time to think about it. Might as well not be nervous, because I already said I'd do it! ARgh!

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