Sunday, January 10, 2010

Waiting for Inspiration to Strike

Here I sit over at the boyfriend's house, using my macbook to try to write. It's not working. Instead of writing, I've been playing games on, while watching the Ravens/Patriots game. That game has since ended (with the Patriots losing! Yay!), and now I'm on to watching the Packers/Cardinals game. I'm not rooting for either team. So now the Jets move on to play the Chargers next Sunday, which will be interesting.

Tomorrow I will be ice-skating with the Temple of Craft ladies at Bryant Park. Either that or drinking at Bryant Park and watching everyone else skate. Problem with that though is that I've been asked to teach everyone to skate backward (since I know how to). Since I haven't gone ice-skating in over ten years, I probably will be falling all over the ice like a rookie.

My battery like is at 23 minutes left, so I'm going to finish this up and turn my macbook off. I have accomplished nothing this weekend. And frankly, I'm unconcerned by that!

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