Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Catch-Up Post

I'm notoriously bad at keeping a blog going on a steady chronological basis. Forgive me.

Usually when I get behind in blogging, I review my last post in case I promised to post about something in the future and don't. In this case, the link to my review of Tarot of the Boroughs is here on my tarot blog. All things tarot-related are on my tarot blog. I am going to update it shortly with the following news:

I am entered in a contest called the Tarot Apprentice. The first challenge of this competition kicked off yesterday. To follow my progress in this contest, go to The Tarot Lady's blog (blog.thetarotlady.com). For guidelines of the competition, they're here.

I am extremely excited about this opportunity! So, once again, this blog may suffer from lack of updates, but for a good reason this time and not just because I'm lazy.

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