Saturday, March 8, 2008

sprucing up the links

Hi, everybody that knows of the existence of this page.

I added a few links on spirituality for your viewing pleasure, including a couple for readings (tarot or otherwise). Yes, this is something I believe in, and no, I don't think it's a load of hooey. I think, like many of our other senses, intuition and psychic moments get overlooked, and not really thought about. How many times have you been truly grateful for your vision, your sense of smell, taste, touch and used these senses thoroughly and fully? Really truly? Do you believe you fully use these senses? Do you believe we fully use all the capabilities we are given? I don't. I think intuition is swept under the rug and dismissed at an early age, and it is very hard to go back to learning to trust it after we're told by adults to not believe what we see with our "sixth sense." But that's just my opinion.

We all have gut instincts, and sometimes, no matter how hard we try to rationalize them away, they stick with us and we have to go with them. Usually, it ends up changing our lives for the better. Why not use these gut feelings to enhance our lives? Seems to make sense to me!

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