Sunday, November 18, 2007

totally sucky weekend

All right, so here it is, nearly the end of November, and I have barely any gift ideas for people. Also, this weekend has royally SUCKED, because people have been taking their family issues and aggressions out on ME instead of the people they're pissed at. Which, of course, makes me pissed and aggravated. My way of coping? Going to a wings place, watch pay per view wrestling, and drink A LOT OF STELLA ARTOIS. Copious, copious amounts of Stella. In fact, I would love to be ridiculous bombed out of my skull by the end of the night, but in reality can't because I have work in the morning. And trust me, copy editing with a hangover is really not the best way to spend a Monday morning in the office.

Also, one of the cats took a huge kitty dump on the bathmat (AGAIN). In addition to this, I had to throw out my favorite pair of sneakers because I stepped in doggy diarrhea while walking Miz P. It is really not that hard to pick up after your dog when they take a shit. Honestly, if I can do it, certainly everyone can. So, thanks a lot, asshole who decided not to pick up after your sick dog. Thanks a megaton. Hope you get the clap.

In closing, doing laundry sucks.

The End. *takes a bow*

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